0x.ai For A.G.I.@2018

Founded By Fanxin Deng*

Artificial General Intelligence Architecture

To realize specified intelligence with general intelligence.

☆☆☆ Current Work ☆☆☆

Experiment: Universal Captcha Recognizer

☆☆☆ History ☆☆☆
2017.05 Case Study
2016.09-2017.05 OCCUPIED
2016.06-09 Deep Learning
2016.05-06 Chaos And Self-Organizing Process
2016.04 Reinforcement Learning
2016.01-04 Object recognition from a small quantity of samples
2015.11-2016.01 Motivation, Task And Plan
2015.09-11 Induction, Deduction, Prediction And Execution
2015.08-09 Sparse Coding
2015.07-08 Associative Memory, Short Term Memory, Long Term Memory And Population
2015.06-07 Attension Machinism
2015.05-06 Working Memory
2015.05 Case Study
2015.03-05 Basic Architecture